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Publishes books for fundraising drives dedicated to schools and non-profit organizations.


Boosters Zone publishes books for fundraising drives dedicated to schools and non-profit organizations. We provide our services for both print and electronic media. We create the most innovative and appealing publications that are guaranteed to grab reader's attention. We do this using the most modern and unique editorial, production, workflow and distributed systems.

At Boosters Zone, it's your idea and our words; together they leave an impact on readers like never seen before.

We not only produce the publications, but we also help you deliver your material directly to your audience.

It is essential to connect with your audience directly, and the worldwide outlets like Amazon can help you do that better. It can help you expand your community. However, you can do this by yourself too.

  • We will write and publish books for free.

  • Books will be marketed to alumni and sports fans via email.

  • Books will be sold on

  • School will receive monthly commissions on sales.

  • Printed books will be available at wholesale prices for local sales.

  • Books will be updated every year and annual editions sold for dependable income stream.


Looking for a new source of revenue for your school's alumni association or athletics programs?

Put your school's sports hall of fame to work! 



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Don't forget your old publications, bring them back to life and ensure that they never disappear from the market and are always available for the readers to read.

Construct your message in a way that it hits the reader's minds and never gets out again.

Be unique in your idea, your presentation, and your words. Think of something no one else has, walk on the way no one else has ever stepped on!


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